CJ ENM Confirms One PD Has Been Diagnosed With Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The PD recently returned from New York.

CJ ENM has just confirmed that one of their PD’s has contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19) after spending their vacation in New York.

According to separate reports from Sports World and Ilgan Sports, one production director (PD) for a program produced by CJ ENM was tested positive for Coronavirus. The patient was said to have left for vacation in New York on March 18. After returning, he felt abnormal health issues and eventually confirmed positive for the virus. The producer is currently hospitalized and receiving treatment.

In response, CJ ENM has confirmed the case, and is now taking measures to begin quarantine operations. The Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu center will be closed for the weekend to disinfect the location, and all employees have been urged to work from home for the weekend, if necessary.

One of our employees have been confirmed to have contracted Coronavirus. We are closing down the entire building to prevent the spread of infection, and we are taking emergency precautions.


The reason for the closure of the entire building is because the PD went back to work after returning from their vacation. The PD would go back and forth between the mixing room, outdoor filming locations, editing room, and conference room. He ended up getting an examination on March 27 as he felt abnormalities in his health.

Source: Sports World and Ilgan Sports