Rapper C Jamm Charged With Assault 5 Months After Being Released From Prison

The victim suffered injuries that took him 4 weeks to recover.

Rapper C Jamm was accused of assault after throwing a punch at a man at a club. This occurred just 5 months after he was released for illegal use of marijuana.


The victim, who was in his 20’s, accused C Jamm of assault that took him 4 weeks to recover. The incident occurred at 3 am December 9 at a club in Itaewon, Seoul. C Jamm was dancing on top of a platform when he punched the victim, who was drinking alcohol with 4 friends.

According to the complaint filed by the victim, C Jamm splashed some water while dancing on top of a platform so one of the victim’s friends whispered into C Jamm’s ear, “Don’t splash water.” C Jamm was furious and slapped the man’s face and the victim was punched in the face as he tried to stop the fight.

The victim, who was punched between the undereye and nose, suffered a fracture to his nose and a cut below his eyes and was immediately treated at the hospital through emergency surgery.


Meanwhile, C Jamm, who was runner-up in the hip-hop survival program Show Me the Money 5, was arrested last year for illegally smoking marijuana. After being investigated, he was sentenced to 2 years of probation and released in August.

Rapper CJamm Arrested For Illegally Smoking Marijuana


As he expressed his intentions to make a comeback, he recently made a comment referring to this incident through his social media.

“I’m releasing three albums this year. If I don’t go to prison that is.”

Source: SBS funE