BLINKs Thought CL’s Tweet Threw Shade At BLACKPINK Jennie’s “SOLO”

It was a Twitter feud waiting to happen when a netizen claiming to be a fan of BLACKPINK sent a rather harsh comment on one of CL’s tweets.

CL posted this tweet earlier today… 


And a number of alleged BLACKPINK fans thought it was shade against Jennie as it coincided in the time ‘SOLO’ was released.


With initial reactions claiming CL was targeting Jennie’s release, CL took it into her own hands to clear the air. She wasn’t referring to Jennie, she was only celebrating Dara‘s birthday! Dara’s nickname has been ‘rabbit/bunny’ since their 2NE1 days.


BLACKJACKs soon jumped onto the threads to explain to the salty netizens that the only rabbit in CL’s book is the adorable Dara!


CL’s Rabbit & Tiger tweet was in fact preceded and followed by multiple tweets about Dara’s (and CL’s mom’s) birthday, further putting shade rumors to rest.

“+I thought this was Ssantokki (Sandara Rabbit) but it was Junsuke Yamasaki Rabbit😂+ #Sorry” — CL


The response online was supportive especially after fans found proof that it wasn’t shade thrown against Jennie at all.


In fact, they found evidence that CL was supportive of her fellow YG Entertainment artist.


Many soon began to assume that CL’s tweet was low-key aimed against YG Entertainment considering how she was left on the sidelines, having her solo US album on an indefinite halt for years.


At the end of the day, Queens celebrate Queens.