CL Calls Out Yang Hyun Suk For Ignoring Her Text Messages


YG Entertainment‘s Yang Hyun Suk uploaded a screenshot of an article that covered Sechs KiesEun Ji Won being nice to BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo on a recent episode of Unexpected Q, but his post ended up gaining attention for an entirely different reason, thanks to CL.

The article reads, “Unexpected Q’s Eun Ji won is a ‘tsundere’ oppa – lets BLACKPINK’s Jisoo have the answers.”


Yang Hyun Suk wrote, “This is how Eun Ji Won usually is. I like people who are the same people inside as they are on the outside.”

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He concludes the post with the notion, “We should get to recording soon…”


The posting blew up when former 2NE1‘s CL dropped by the comments section and left “Papa YG” a comment.

“What about me, boss? #Please_Return_My_Texts” — CL


Fans are convinced Yang Hyun Suk isn’t doing his best to support CL, so have proceeded to request some reaction to what CL said. The hashtag #weneedCL is dominating the comments section of Yang Hyun Suk’s latest posting.

  • “Yg entertainment is nothing without 2NE1. Please give CL the support that she deserves. Don’t forget 2NE1 and CL brought YG Entertainment to become famous until now.”

  • “I wish them to stay YG forever but If YG continue to take them for granted… then I really understand and respect whatever decision they make… My love and support for them will never changed. I really cry when I watched CL in a variety show saying that she felt responsible for what happened to 2ne1… that words makes me feel hurt even more”

  • “There’s no YG family no more and Yang Hyun Suk is not CL’s or any artist’s father so stop with this bullsh*t. YG  is a success stan, he doesn’t care about his artists, only about money. So don’t make comparisons about real life father and children situations. It’s a company and YG’s a CEO. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY like Seunghyun said, no family but business.”

  • “CL has been loyal since day one. She didn’t sacrifice her youth just to be detained in YGE DUNGEON. If you won’t release her album, then you better let her go. SHE IS A TALENTED MUSICIAN. SHE DESERVES BETTER. She’s working harder and smarter than most idols out there!!!”


The outrage has now spread among other fandoms whose artists are also “detained in YG Entertainment’s dungeon.”

  • “Papa YG, I want to remind you, please pay attention to other YG artists like Lee Hi, CL, Dara, One, and others to release albums. Papa YG, please do not waste their talents. Especially ONE – he has never had a debut stage. Please do not ignore artists. Do not ignore them because you’re too focused on iKON, WINNER, and BLACKPINK.”

  • “Please promote your groups better. If you want your groups to be more well known then you should do something about it. iKON have barely gone on any shows since JANUARY. Just because YG is an elite company doesnt mean they are a good company. Please do something about your poor management, promotion and stylists team.”

  • “Results are what matters to him after all. Look at his latest posts. Full of his bragging posts for BLACKPINK. He can see MONEY on them. He even abandons CL, DARA, ONE, LEE HI & SUHYUN. He completely threw 2NE1 away because he had a better replacement.”


There also is a large consensus asking CL to leave YG Entertainment, as she is assumed to have hinted the desire already.

For Some Reason, Fans Think This Simple Comment Means CL Has Left YG

  • “Just leave! we fans will support you forever!”

  • “It’s time to leave YG, my heart aches for you, my queen.”

  • “CL, just leave YG. They don’t deserve your talent.”

  • “Please leave YG! You deserved better. 2NE1 deserved better. YOU ARE A QUEEN! YOU DON’T NEED YG!!! We are always with you.”

  • “What’s the point of being in an established company when they’re just gonna ignore you for decades or centuries? And their excuse they give might be to make “better quality music” or focusing on their groups? YG bye.”


Regardless, the fans’ love for CL remains strong. Fans from all over the world are promising to stick by her side no matter if she decides to give YG Entertainment another chance or if she finally flies solo.

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  • “Follow your heart that your GZB’s will follow you. We love you.”

  • “If you need to leave YG to be happy and do what you love, Blackjack, and YG stan and your real fans will always be by your side, I will always support you, I want you to be happy my queen!”

  • “Wherever you are I’ll support you because I am your fan so do what’s best for you and whatever makes you happy.”

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