For Some Reason, Fans Think This Simple Comment Means CL Has Left YG

This Instagram comment has everyone wondering about CL’s future.

For some time now, CL fans have been wondering about their queen’s future, and whether or not that future includes YG Entertainment.

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CL has stuck by her label for a decade now, but her current hiatus and US career goals have led many fans to suspect that YG Entertainment’s “baddest female” may soon be moving on.

CL Liked A Post That Claimed Yang Hyun Suk Is Wasting Her Time


Back in January, CL revealed that she was waiting on YG Entertainment to release her new album. It still has not been released.

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In June, CL may have hinted at her frustration by “liking” this comment, but she still has not made any clear indication as to whether or not she will be leaving her company.


Even so, this recent Instagram comment has fans thinking that CL’s time at YG Entertainment is finally up.

When this commenter asked CL not to leave her company, CL side-stepped the request by pointing out YG Entertainment’s talented new artists. She also thanked her fans for their support but did not indicate whether she would be staying.


When it comes to CL’s future, her fans are divided. Some are sad that she may be leaving her current label…


…while others are hoping she will strike out on her own.


One thing they all agree on is that their love for CL will stay strong, no matter which decision she makes.


Wherever CL goes, her fans will follow!