CL’s Performance Is Interrupted By A Fan Jumping On Stage, And Netizens Demand Better Security For Artists

“What are the security guards doing?”

On September 29, during CL‘s performance for Chung-Ang University’s school festival, a fan got up on stage, causing outrage over the school’s lack of security.


The singer was performing her song “Dr. Pepper” when a fan got past security and jumped on stage.


CL handled the potentially dangerous situation like a pro and gave the intruder a hug and even allowed him to sing along before a staff member dragged him off-stage.

Fan (left) and CL (right) | Chung-ang University
Fan (left) and CL (right) | Chung-ang University

According to news reports, fans reacted to the intrusion with alarm stating, “Who is that? What are the guards doing? What would they have done if something happened,” “That makes me so mad. Please know you are a nuisance,” “With how crazy the world is, I think everybody needs to be extra cautious,” “CL is such a pro,” and “That was dangerous.”

This isn’t the first case of something like this happening this year. On September 22, singer Huh Gak had his performance interrupted by somebody who ran on stage. With similar incidents occurring more commonly during school festivals, many are saying Colleges need to beef up their security.

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Source: Wikitree