CL With No Makeup Makes Netizens Think Of Another K-Pop Rapper: BTS’s Suga

Do you see the resemblance?

2NE1‘s CL is known for her fierce makeup looks, especially her striking eyeliner…

CL | YG Entertainment

Yet, she is a natural beauty with no makeup!

CL recently performed at MIK Festival in Paris, France. It’s the first Korean Music Festival in Europe.

Of course, fans excitedly met CL upon her arrival at the airport in Paris ahead of the festival. In fan-captured videos and photos, she’s covered her face in a mask and sunglasses.

Originally, she had not anticipated anyone to show up for her arrival, so she was barefaced. When CL realized fans had shown up, she covered her face, but some still captured her beforehand.


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♬ Hello Bitches – CL

The video above went viral with 1.8M views and 192.8K likes at the time of writing.

| @tofuxxi/TikTok

Netizens admired the rapper’s natural beauty. CL looks pretty as ever before, with or without makeup!


Another recurring comment pointed out similarities to another iconic K-Pop rapper: BTS‘s Suga.

BTS’s Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Many netizens said that, without makeup, CL and Suga look a lot alike!


What do you think?


Can you see a resemblance between Suga and CL?

Source: tofuxxi

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