CL Shows Off A Unique Hairstyle Only She Could Pull Off

New trend incoming?

Right from her 2NE1 days, CL has always been fashion-forward, never shying away from trying out bold stylistic choices. Even after going solo, she has remained one of the most iconic style divas of K-Pop, delivering one look after another. Recently, fans got to witness yet another unique fashion moment from the singer-rapper.

CL sporting a baggy Balenciaga outfit | @chaelincl/Instagram
CL became one of the first female K-Pop artists to attend the MET Gala in 2021 | @chaelincl/Instagram

On June 25, KST, CL updated fans about what she has been up to these days through her personal Instagram. The “Spicy” singer is currently in Tokyo, and she posted a series of pictures showing off her OOTD, with some random moments from her day sandwiched in between.

The picture that caught fans’ attention the most was a unique hairstyle posted on CL’s story, where she can be seen sporting black-and-white patterned bangs, completely contrasting with her long, blonde hair. But somehow, she pulled this hair off with her unmatched swagger.


As evident from the other pictures, that hairstyle was not CL’s real hair but a wig. She visited the wig shop of Tomihiro Kono, a Japanese wig-prop artist who specializes in creating customized, artisanal wigs. Tomihiro has worked extensively with the Icelandic star Björk and their work has also caught the eye of the singer Grimes.

Given her love for eccentric fashion, it won’t be a surprise to see CL actually sport some of these wigs for her next musical venture!


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