CL Liked A Post That Claimed Yang Hyun Suk Is Wasting Her Time

After more than a decade, will CL be leaving YG?

Fans say that it’s time for YG Entertainment‘s “baddest female” to move on to bigger and better things, and it seems like CL agrees.


CL recently “liked” the following fan comment, which says YG Entertainment is holding her back in her career, and claims YG Entertainment’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, is using her.


The comment was left on CL’s June 9 Instagram post. In this photo, CL holds up bottles of Moët & Chandon in honor of Moët & Chandon Grand Day.

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“+It’s about celebrate right?+ #moetgrandday #moetchandon”


Moët & Chandon Grand Day is a worldwide 24-hour toast to celebrate life, love, friendship and every success in between. Fans suspect that CL may be toasting to a new chapter of her life, one that does not involve her current agency.


It has been two years since “Lifted”, CL’s last solo single, but fans are hoping CL will return from her hiatus soon. In January, CL revealed that she is waiting for YG Entertainment to release her new album but, unfortunately, that album has still not materialized.

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When asked about her plans for 2018, CL said that she is still aiming to break into the American music market. CL made her American solo debut with “Lifted” in 2016, but has yet to achieve mainstream success in the US.


She discussed her struggles back in 2017 with her longtime friend and mentor, Jeremy Scott.

CL Opens Up About The Struggles She’s Facing About Her US Debut


CL told him that nothing was as easy as it seemed when it came to making her music in the American music industry.

“When I came here and started working, it was like ‘Oh you can’t do this because you were this.’ All those things were confusing and I lost so much confidence for two, three years. Back in Korea, they’re like ‘What are you doing? You’re wasting your time.’” — CL


In spite of the difficulties she has faced, CL refuses to call it quits. According to Xsports News, CL is doing her best to adhere to the US music industry trends while adding her own unique twist. 

“I’m doing everything in alignment with the American process. Within that, I’m trying to add my own unique color.” — CL


When asked about her career goals for 2018, CL said that her number one goal is promoting in the US.

“The most important goal that I definitely want to achieve this year is my promotions in the United States. I want to make it up to my fans who have always been beside me, waiting and supporting me.” — CL


Don’t worry, CL. Wherever life takes you, your fans will be there too!

Source: Xsports News