CL deletes controversial photo following negative outcry

CL was forced to remove a photo from her personal Instagram after it received criticism for its alleged rude behavior. 

On January 28th, CL posted tidbits of her activities in Japan on Instagram. One photo, in particular, caught the most attention and was criticized for her rude behavior. The photo featured CL and Japanese designer Yoon raising their legs and pointed it near the cab driver’s head.

The photo was posted with the caption, “Asian Bitches.”

The main purpose of the photo was to show their footwear, with CL wearing silver, pointed boots and Yoon wearing a similar-looking black pair. And while the post was seemingly done as a joke, the gesture was considered disrespectful by many of her followers and created some negative buzz. CL has since deleted the photo.

Yoon and CL posing with their matching killer heels.

Meanwhile, CL continues to post a few updates of her ongoing activities in Japan. Recently, she and fellow 2NE1 members said their farewells with their last song, “Goodbye.”

Source: Dispatch

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