CL To Launch First Solo Full-Length Album Comeback

It will be a 3 part release.

Soloist CL will soon be making her comeback on August 24, 2021, with her first-ever solo full-length album, ALPHA.

Despite her long career, this is CL’s first full-length solo album since her days as part of 2NE1. The artwork for the album was released on August 13, delivering a futuristic vibe with its cool palette. According to the revealed schedule, she will launch the first single off ALPHA on August 24, 2021, and the second single will be launched in September, with the full album dropping in October.

This is her first solo full-length album in 13 years, making it all the more special. Prior to this, she has released singles, “+HWA+” and “+5STAR+” in 2020, along with “Wish You Were Here” in February 2021.

Source: Star Today