CL not included in the TIME 100’s 2015 Most Influential People

Despite barely placing 2nd behind Vladimir Putin in TIME 100 Reader’s Poll, 2NE1’s rapper CL was not included in the final list released by the magazine.

On April 16th, TIME magazine released their final list of TIME 100’s most influential people, which named Russian president and politician Vladamir Putin and many American stars, including Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Bradley Cooper, and Julian Moore.

However, Korean star CL was not included in this year’s list despite being engaged in a neck to neck battle with Vladimir Putin for 1st place in the reader polls before settling for 2nd place.

TIME magazine disclosed that their 100 Most Influential People list is based off of votes from their online readers, but ultimately goes through a screening process by the publication’s editors as well.

Although CL didn’t make it to this year’s list, her American debut is just around the corner and she has steadily been making a big splash in the American market, from her performance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami with Skrillex to numerous interviews and photoshoots with American magazines.

American producer and DJ Diplo has also recently revealed that he will be a new track “Dr. Pepper” featuring CL.

Source: Yonhap News