Diplo reveals he will be releasing a new track “Dr. Pepper” ft. CL

In a latest interview with iheart Radio, American producer and DJ Diplo reveals fans can look forward to a new single coming soon featuring 2NE1′s CL!

The interview, posted on April 16th EST, he reveals that he has a lot projects he is working on, including producing Justin Bieber’s new album and has two Major Lazer albums on the way. But what most interests K-pop music lovers is what he said next:

When asked if he’ll be releasing a new solo album soon, Diplo replied, “Not for awhile,” but adds, “[…]I might have some like little Diplo singles out for the summertime just for fun.”

“Also, CL’s album — I’m working really closely on. She’s a Korean pop star that sings and raps. She’s on Skrillex and me’s ‘Dirty Vibe’ song. She’s just, awesome. I’m so proud of the stuff we did, she’s really cool. We have a song coming out next month, with me, her, Riff Raff, and OG Maco, and it’s a rap song, called ‘Dr. Pepper.’ It’s really cool.”

CL is currently preparing for her American debut this spring, working alongside Diplo and more, under talent manager Scooter Braun.

Strong: iheart Radio