Former 2NE1 Member CL’s Song “HWA” Is Going Viral On TikTok Thanks To A Challenge

Is she the new queen of TikTok?

Former 2NE1 member CL made her solo comeback not too long ago and her song is officially going viral! However, it’s not for the reason you’d think.

| Nate

CL made her long awaited comeback with her song “HWA” a month ago and her fans have been absolutely loving it! The song has an insanely catchy melody which is paired with CL’s killer rapping abilities. While the song is amazing on its own, it seems like users of TikTok are making it go viral for a whole different reason!


The #HWAchallenge uses the main verse that is continuously repeated throughout the song, mu-gung-hwa kko-chi pi-eoss-seub-nida to show off people’s transitions before and after their glow ups. The verse, which translates to the rose of sharon flowers has bloomed, is a very famous saying in Korea that everyone knows. This saying is commonly used as a part of a children’s game in Korea, similar to that of red light green light.

This would be the reason why TikTok users can hear the verse being said in a child’s voice in the beginning of the #HWAchallenge. The verse is mimicking the children’s game, with the users closing/covering their eyes and reopening them like they do in the game. TikTok users can be seen repeating this gesture a few times before revealing their glow ups at the end.

The viral activity isn’t going unnoticed because the queen herself, has officially seen the popularity of her song all over TikTok.  She is digging the challenge as she responded with:

Yes queen, yes! CL deserves all the support in the world and we love that her song is going viral on TikTok! Check out CL’s addictive song “HWA” down below.


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