CL’s Weight Gain Surprises Fans During Her First Public Appearance In Months

Fans still showed their support, no matter what her weight is.

CL recently appeared at the SJ KUNST HALLE to attend the Urban Decay Stay Naked collection global launch party along with other famous celebrities such as Ezra Miller, Kim Na Young, and Park Jae Min.

CL’s more recent photos of herself on Instagram show her in with a healthy, but slim body figure.

At the photo wall for the event, she greeted both reporters and fans alike with many blown kisses.

She showed off a slick, all-black styling complete with matching accessories.

However, one thing some netizens noticed was that she gained weight again.

Compared to her previous Instagram uploads, she does appear to have gained some more weight.

But she isn’t shy to appear in public, and be confident about her body.

Some netizens criticized her for her current weight.

  • I wondered how she lost weight so fast, but I guess it was just the camera
  • She looks like a pub hostess
  • The OG goddess of media play lol. All that talk about being a girl crush lol. But really, she’s been overseas being a tryhard trying to make friends and network but she hasn’t achieved anything at all.
  • She’s ugly even with all that makeup
  • Look at her neck, that’s the thickness of a warrior
  • What’s she gonna do with all that fat?

However other netizens defended her, pointing out that weight gain is natural for all humans.

  • She’s still human, she has to be gaining weight from stress and all. Worry about your own weight, people
  • She did gain some weight but she gained the weight in a very glamorous way. I like her eyeliner
  • CL, it’s been so long… so pretty!
  • CL noona is the best.
  • I want to see you on stage again CL

Around 1 year ago, CL’s weight was again major talking point amongst Korean netizens, due to how much different she looked compared to her 2NE1 days.

CL Shocks Everyone With Her Recent Weight Gain

But no matter her weight, everyone knows that CL is still the queen, from powerful rap to emotional vocals. We’re waiting for a comeback, CL!