Clara denies Polaris Entertainment’s allegations of avoiding investigation

Recently, Polaris Entertainment revealed that the case with Clara is being delayed due to the actress’ absence. In fact, Polaris Entertainment stated that she is hard to reach due to her status of being a celebrity.

Many accusations and explanations have been given back and forth between Clara and Polaris Entertainment since the first moment the case was brought up. Despite the fact that it has been months since the first reports, the case is still underway with no clear results yet.

In response to Polaris Entertainment’s claims, Clara has refuted, “The police never requested us to be present for investigations. In fact, we had told the police a few times that we would be present whenever they contacted. We have records of our conversations with the investigator. Therefore, we know the statement made by Polaris Entertainment is a lie. There is no difficulty of being present in Korea because of Clara’s status of being a celebrity. Currently, she is in her last steps of filming in Hong Kong. Since this was a set schedule, we will complete the filming before returning. All schedules after the filming were cancelled.

Clara had cancelled her contract with Polaris Entertainment claiming the CEO had sexually harassed her in September 2014. Last month, she started a case to nullify the contract she had with the agency. Polaris Entertainment sued her for blackmailing on October 2014.

Source: Daily Sports News