Information About The Mysterious Husband Of Clara Unveiled

Here’s everything we know:

Clara has recently been receiving attention from the media after she got married to a Korean-American businessman and bought a top-class luxury apartment in Seoul.

It turns out, Clara’s husband is the famous investor and entrepreneur, Samuel Hwang (35).


Samuel is a Korean-American who received his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and established New Pathway Education in 2009. He had targeted the private education market in China and succeeded. After expanding the company through investments from Shanghai Venture Capital in 2012, he sold the company in 2014.

Samuel Hwang also established NP Equity Partners, an investment management firm based in Hong Kong, in 2015 and has invested approximately $2.2 million USD in VR and education firms for the past 2 years.


He is also running 4 branches of WeWork Labs, a company that provides shared workspaces for businesses, which he opened in Seoul last year.


He has also been actively working as a partner of Primer, “the first and No.1 startup accelerator in Korea.” Before getting married to Clara, he also created the real estate company, NPSC Real Estate. It was through this company that he purchased the couple’s new home in the Signiel Residences in Jamsil, Seoul. Clara’s home is estimated to be worth $7.2 million USD.


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