Here’s What Clara’s Estimated $5 Million Home Looks Like

She’s even created an indoor garden.

Clara recently shocked everyone with news of her wedding and then shocked everyone once again by buying a multi-million dollar luxury apartment in Seoul.

After holding her wedding in the US on January 6, it seems that the star and her husband have now settled down in their new home in and she has been giving updates into what her new home looks like.


Clara’s multi-million dollar apartment is located in the Tower Signiel Residences in Jamsil, Seoul, which is in the tallest building in Seoul and 5th tallest building in the world. Apartments are known to range from 4.2 billion won ($3.7 million USD)  up to 34 billion won ($30.1 million USD). Jo In Sung is another celebrity who is known to own an apartment in this luxury apartment complex.


Clara’s apartment has a huge, breathtaking view of the Han River as Clara shared a post on her Instagram of herself in front of the night view at her home.

“Beautiful view from home
Happy Lunar New Year”


She also created an indoor garden inside the home.

“I made an indoor garden at home.
Put in Autograph trees which are strong and are good for purifying the air.
So we don’t get bugs at home I put in artificial grass on the black wall and on the floor.”


Moreover, she recently shared a post of a 100-year-old Steinway grand piano she received as a gift from her husband as part of their new home.

“100 year old Steinway grand piano as a gift from my husband for our 100 years together”


According to a real estate agent, Clara’s apartment is estimated to be over 5.6 billion KRW ($4.96 million USD). In fact, the cheapest apartment at the Signiel Residences is currently priced around 4.6-4.7 billion KRW ($4 million-$4.1 million USD).


Check out more photos from her home below:

Source: Newsen
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