Clara personally explains her text messages; reveals she was asked about her menstrual cycle

On the morning of January 20th, Clara Lee took to her Facebook account, leaving a lengthy message to followers on the recently released text messages between Polaris Entertainment’s CEO and herself. 

Kakao Talk messages between herself and the CEO were released by Dispatch a few days ago, prompting many readers to blast Clara as the party to blame in the current lawsuit between the two parties. Her representatives followed up a clear explanation as to why she had sent the CEO “racy” photos (pictorials from her underwear magazine shoots).

The model and actress writes on Facebook:

“Hello. This is Clara.

Yesterday, before I was even able to step into a court room, I was given the death sentence by the media and that sentence was carried out by the public.

1) It is true that I sent swimsuit and underwear photos to CEO Lee Kyu Tae.

Some may view this as an attempt to woo him but I was simply doing my best in my “work.” I was simply asking the opinion on photos that were to be released soon since he was going to be working with me in the future.

The messages in Dispatch’s reports are from right before and after the contracts were signed. It was when we were the closest, and also when it was necessary for me to stay on his good side. It was also at a point during which the CEO dealt with me personally and not through anyone else.

2) Later on when the CEO failed to keep his promises, our quarrels began and he started suspecting the relationship between me and my manager.

Even during our quarrels he would send messages past 12AM while drinking saying that he ‘was drinking wine and it made me think of you’ and that he felt “Refreshed and excited.” His messages surprised me.

The most jaw dropping thing he did was, despite my adamant statement saying that ‘I will not be sharing details on my personal life, he said, [In order for the company to manage you properly, we need to know not only your personal schedule, but even ‘the celebrity’s menstrual cycle’].

In my opinion, such a statement is unforgivable in whatever context and situation.

3) I told my father the situation and he became furious and sent a statement that said, ‘Unless they nullified the contract, a report will be filed to the police.’

CEO Lee claimed this statement was ‘blackmail’ and filed a report against us with the police.

4) It is also true that I went to CEO Lee and apologized. I did this because I trusted them when the Polaris lawyer said they would ‘dismiss everything’ if I apologized. I wanted to just apologize and get things over with.

CEO Lee didn’t keep his word, and even filmed my apology on CCTV, and is using it as evidence against me.

What’s even more astounding is that he said, “Let’s not record each other. Let’s leave our phones out and I will as well..” before the meeting started. He didn’t record me with his phone, but he did film me with the CCTV.

Thankfully I have recordings that will prove my case.

The CEO always emphasized his political contacts, and that he was the best in media play, controlling online comments and etc. I know I cannot win.

I am not asking for you to be on my side.

I am simply asking that I given a chance to use my right under Korean law to go through court fairly. I plead with all of you to let that be possible.”