Clara responds to alleged text messages exchanged with Polaris Entertainment’s CEO

Clara Lee has issued a response to the alleged text messages between her and Polaris Entertainment’s CEO as released by Dispatch earlier today. 

In light of their current legal dispute, Dispatch has released the text messages between the two parties on January 19th. The messages that were publicly disclosed depicted the close, intimate relationship between Clara and the CEO, with the model and actress posting suggestive photos through their private chats.

In response to the text messages released, Clara’s representatives revealed that the model and actress only sent those photos as they were already on her SNS accounts and in the media, and was only done so in order to check in with him. It was further stated that as “Clara did  not have a manager under Polaris Entertainment when she joined, the CEO acted as her manager, thus the routine of checking in. Clara worked with her previous managers in the same manner,” further emphasizing that, “It wasn’t just provocative photos that were exchanged between them.” 

The representatives also stated that as the conversations took place six months ago, the beginning of their professional relationship, the interactions between the two parties have been good. However, as a lawsuit is now in progress, Polaris Entertainment is deemed to have focused on the provocative nature of their exchange.

Recently, Clara Lee has filed a suit to nullify her exclusive contract with Polaris Entertainment, citing sexual harassment from their CEO through text messaging via Kakao Talk. As a result, Polaris Entertainment had stated they would be releasing the text messages to the public to prove their CEO’s innocence, as this accusation is hurting his image. In return, Clara’s representative responded to unveiling the texts to the public, revealing they had given everything to investigators.

Source: OSEN