Clara responds to Polaris Entertainment’s threat to issue KakaoTalk messages between her and the CEO

In light of the recent contract dispute and sexual harassment filed by Clara Lee against her agency Polaris Entertainment, another official statement from her legal representatives, Sinwoo, has been released. On January 17th, Clara Lee issued a response to the recent claims made by her former agency Polaris Entertainment claiming that they will be revealing KakaoTalk images from her messages to the CEO. 

As released by her legal representatives from the law firm, Clara strongly states that, “The one that initially took legal action, the one who reported to press first, and the one who quoted the sexual harassment reports was all Polaris.”

The statement went on to express their thoughts on the reports that portray Clara’s statements to be false, saying that the model and actress only released a statement to respond towards the biased reporting and to the agency’s press releases.

Furthermore, the statement revealed more reasons on their contract nullification suit and explained that, “The sexual embarrassment statements weren’t the only problem but the company’s unfair actions and the fact that they did not stick to the terms of their contracts were all reasons she ended the contract. Parts of the Kakaotalk messages that were released in reports make it seem as if Clara edited them to suit her own needs but that is not true. She has not released anything and those were all reported by the media themselves and have nothing to do with Clara.”

It ended with a  warning saying, “We gave all the messages between her and the CEO to investigators. The truth will be revealed by the court and investigators.”

Meanwhile, Clara Lee recently filed a lawsuit to nullify her contract with her agency and charged its CEO of sexual harassment and humiliation. The lawsuit was filed despite having a previous dispute against her for running her own activities under Koreana Clara while still in contract with the agency.

Source: OSEN