Polaris Entertainment plans to reveal Kakao Talk messages between CEO and Clara

Polaris Entertainment has stated they will go public with the content of the messages sent and received between the CEO and Clara Lee, after the actress accused the CEO of sexual harassment as the main cause of her contract termination lawsuit.

On the afternoon of January 16th, Polaris stated, “Since the main source of attention on this dispute seems to be on the Kakao Talk message conversation between the CEO and Clara, we plan to release the entire conversation to the public. We also plan to refute Clara’s claim that the contract wasn’t exclusive by revealing the contract in full length.”

The agency continued to say, “However, this action may result in going against the private clauses of the contract and may heat up the issues even more. We plan to receive Clara’s permission before releasing anything. The Kakao Talk conversation is already in possession of the investigation faculty and the result will be out soon. Since this issue directly has an impact on the reputation and image of the CEO, we have decided to make the conversation available to the public as well.”

Just recently, the actress has filed a lawsuit to invalidate her contract with her agency on charges of sexual harassment and humiliation by the CEO. Whilst, the records show that the agency previously filed a lawsuit against her for running activities under Koreana Clara, despite still being in contract to Polaris. As for the sexual harassment allegations, Clara states that she received inappropriate texts from the CEO that made her feel humiliated such as, “I am married but I have a girlfriend, and I think that you’re different from the other entertainers because you make my heart flutter.”

Stay tune for further update on the case.

Source: My Daily