Polaris Entertainment releases official statement in regards to Clara’s sexual harassment allegations

Polaris Entertainment, the agency that currently represents Clara, has released an official statement on January 15th in regards to Clara’s contract nullification lawsuit which cites sexual harassment and humiliation.

Clara signed with Polaris Entertainment in June 2014 with a contract lasting up until 2018. However, just three months later in September, she filed for a lawsuit to nullify her contract. In response, Polaris Entertainment filed a counter lawsuit for setting up her own agency, Koreana Clara, despite still being under contract with Polaris.

As for the sexual harassment allegations, Clara states that she received inappropriate texts from the CEO that made her feel humiliated such as, “I am married but I have a girlfriend, and I think that you’re different from the other entertainers because you make my heart flutter.”

Now the company has released a statement in response to these accusations saying, “The lawsuit Clara has filed against us is not true but fabricated, we will shed light on the truth of the matter through police investigations. She requested that we nullify her contract and when we didn’t comply she brought up incidents of sexual harassment and even resorted to filing lawsuits against us. She has been investigated by the police and her father Lee Seungkyu is being questioned as an accomplice. Her claim that she felt sexually harassed is untrue, and she was preying on the fact that the CEO places high value on his public image.”

They further stated “When we told her to come and apologize for fabricating rumors and blackmailing us with false accusations, she was in tears and asked for forgiveness saying, ‘My statements about sexual harassment were untrue and fabricated to nullify the contract.'”

Source: MBN