Claudia Kim Shares Cute Photos With Ezra Miller In South Korea

Their friendship is absolutely adorable!

Hollywood actor Ezra Miller has made a surprise visit to South Korea! Claudia Kim shared some cute photos of the two hanging around in Seoul.


On November 26, Claudia Kim shared a post on her Instagram captioned, “Look who’s here! Ezra is here in Seoul! Kimchi~” In the post was Ezra Miller having fun with his kimchi at a restaurant in Korea.


The actress also uploaded a selfie of the two at the same restaurant.


In another post, the two actors could be seen having fun with huge character dolls at the Line Friends Store.


The pair are apparently fans of Brown, the Line Friends’ character, as most of their photos were with the cute brown bear!


Ezra Miller is evidently a fan of Choco as well!


Some fans couldn’t help but ship the two stars after seeing these adorable photos.

  • “Yeah I ship it”
  • “They look good together”
  • “They’re too good together”
  • “Just date already!”
  • “It’s so pretty and she looks so great with Ezra, both are amazing!”
  • “The perfect match”
  • “The ship is sailing”


Others commented on their amazing friendship and labeled the photos “friendship goals”.

  • “Friendship goals”
  • “Sooo adorable omg”
  • “Omg my heart…you guys are too cute”
  • “Whether it’s love or friendship, it looks beautiful”
  • “The movie might’ve been alright but this friendship is the cutest”


Meanwhile, this was not the first time the pair had proven their close friendship. Ezra Miller showed that he had Claudia Kim’s back when he stood up for her during the awkward interview with Kjersti Flaa.

Reporter Compliments Claudia Kim’s English During Interview, Fans Call Her Racist


The pair also showed incredible chemistry through multiple other photos that were previously shared as well!

Claudia Kim Proves Her Adorable Chemistry With Ezra Miller Through Multiple Photos

Source: Instagram