Claudia Kim Reveals Hardships While Preparing For Nagini In “Crimes Of Grindelwald”

Claudia sheds more light about Nagini.

Actress Claudia Kim (Kim Soo Hyun) is a hot topic among Harry Potter fans as she’s taken on the role of Nagini in the upcoming film “Crimes Of Grindelwald”.


During a recent interview in Korea, Claudia Kim revealed more details about the important character. She revealed that Nagini isn’t just a villain but a character with deep sadness.

“I play the role of a Maledictus named Nagini. She’s a woman who has a curse that turns her into a snake.

She’s an important character to Voldemort, who’s often thought as a villain, and people have a negative image of snakes. But I was thankful enough to take on a character where JK Rowling decided has a lot of back story and sadness. She becomes a reliable friend to Credence.”

— Claudia Kim


Although she was so blessed to have played the part, it wasn’t all bells and flowers! She’s actually got a healthy fear of snakes, but she learned to overcome that fear in order to embody her character.

“I don’t like snakes. I’m scared of snakes but I got to touch them through this role.

I felt a lot of pressure because Nagini is an important character in the Potter World, but I did my best to prepare for the role.”

— Claudia Kim


Not only did she have to overcome her fear of snakes, Claudia opened up about how she never thought she would make it in Hollywood. But as soon as she let go of the negativity and restrictions that she had set upon herself as an Asian actress, the role of a lifetime opened up for her!

“I thought it was impossible at first. After I let go the restrictions I put on myself, it was like, ‘Why not? You only live once. Let’s give it a try!’

Thankfully, as I was thinking that, the audition call came in.”

— Claudia Kim


If we’re talking about Claudia’s upcoming role as Nagini, many can’t help but recall her famous short-but-impactful scene in the movie teaser.


Claudia revealed an inside look that the famous scene was actually performed by an acrobat actor who made that scene look as fantastic as it does now!

“The scene used a lot of computer graphic but an acrobat actually did that posture. She bent backwards and stuck her head out between her legs.

As I’m walking down the streets of Korea, people imitate the posture.”

— Claudia Kim


“Crimes Of Grindelwald” opens in Korea on November 14 and in the US on November 16!