Former CLC’s Elkie Calls Out CUBE Entertainment In An Exclusive Tell-All

She revealed the true reason for her departure.

Former CLC‘s Elkie recently held an exclusive interview with a Hong Kong newspaper, Mingpao. In the interview, she revealed the real reason for her departure from CUBE Entertainment and CLC.

Elkie claims that even though she had worked hard in order to debut, there were people that still criticized her despite her efforts. Although she would not call it discrimination due to her status as a foreigner, Elkie does acknowledge that she had fewer opportunities given to her compared to Koreans.

Although I was mentally prepared for a tough road ahead, a lot of unexpected things happened. I’m optimistic so I always say yes no matter what other people say, but some people called me fake.

— Elkie

When she first debuted, a composer allegedly told her she was “really dumb” and “totally useless” which brought her down. Elkie also called out the system for affecting her health.

The most extreme incident was when I couldn’t sleep for several days and wasn’t even able to remove my makeup. The longest time I’ve had dance practice was for 16 hours straight, from noon to late at night. I was so tired that I walked like a zombie.

— Elkie

Elkie also pointed out that CUBE Entertainment was not providing the appropriate resources for CLC, culminating in less than stellar results. In particular, Elkie calls the giving away of the song “La Vie en Rose” to IZ*ONE an opportunity that was taken away from the CLC girls. CLC had finished recording “La Vie en Rose” before it was given to IZ*ONE, with CLC releasing “NO” instead.

The song and opportunity that originally belonged to us were given to someone else and the situation felt so helpless. The 7 of us worked really hard, but the agency took away our opportunities. I think the agency was way too out of line. I feel so disappointed. CLC did not have releases frequently…sometimes it took a year to have a new song or album. When the agency said they will not give CLC any more resources, I thought there was no point for me to stay. As an artist I just wanted to meet with fans through my works. If nothing can be done, there’s nothing I can do to repay the fans, and I can’t accept that.

— Elkie

On the other hand, Elkie revealed that she still keeps in contact with the other CLC members and that they have a good relationship. She even offered for them to have a room at her place when they come to visit her in Mainland China.

Previously, Elkie had filed for a termination of her contract with CUBE Entertainment, resulting in her departure from the group.

Source: Mingbao