CLC’s Eunbin Shared An Adorable Mishap From The Time She Was At The Ice Cream Shop With Her Mom

What a twist of fate!

CLC and Jamie (Park Jimin) were recently guests on September 3rd’s episode of SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show. On the show, Eunbin shared an adorable moment she had with her mom back in the day!


She was on a mother-daughter ice cream date and she had gone into a Baskin Robbins store to order a sweet treat. She wanted the ice cream flavor “My Mom Is An Alien”, which is chocolate ice cream with white, milk and dark chocolate swirled together. While ordering, she made the mistake of simply telling the counter she wanted “My Mom.”

When her actual mom, who was right next to her had heard it, she thought Eunbin was making an order for her! Eunbin’s mom then told her daughter that it was fine and she didn’t want an ice cream. Both Eunbin and the worker at the counter were tickled at the adorable mistake!

What is even funnier is that Eunbin was listening to the radio one day, and listeners were sending in funny stories in their daily lives. That very ice cream shop worker had decided to send in the mishap with Eunbin and her mother, and Eunbin heard it! What a twist of fate.

The world works out in funny ways! In the end, everyone got a good laugh out of the whole situation.

In other news, CLC has just dropped their track for their comeback with “HELICOPTER”. Take a look at the fire music video below.

Source: MBN