CLC’s Seungyeon Reveals That Her Instagram Username Was Inspired By Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Choi

She has such a cute username!

CLC‘s Seungyeon revealed who was the brains behind her current Instagram username!

Seungyeon | @seung_monkey/ Instagram

Seungyeon recently appeared on K-Beauty vlogger Edward Avila‘s YouTube channel, where they chatted about as he applied gorgeous makeup on her!

One of the topics that came up in their conversation was Seungyeon’s Instagram username, which is @seung_monkey!

Edward Avila asked her why her name is @seung_monkey, and Seungyeon revealed the story behind it! She was initially going to go with another name, when Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi made the suggestion for “seung_monkey”!

Originally, it was just ‘Seungmong’. Kind of just in a cute way. Ashley unnie asked me, ‘Why “Seungmong”?’ I was like, ‘Just because.’ So she said, ‘Just make it “seungmonkey” then, just because!’.


Seungyeon then hilariously talked about how the name ended up fitting with exactly who she is!

But then it kinda just came together. I look like a monkey, I’m loud!


From behind the camera, Sorn then hilariously offered up Seungyeon’s “monkey” anecdotes!

She acts like a monkey. She’s always like, dancing, jumping…


Watch them talk about it here!


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