CLC’s Sorn Reveals Why She’s Thankful Cube Entertainment Did NOT Change Their Concept

“Helicopter” is a strong and powerful girl crush song.

When it comes to the most versatile K-Pop groups around, CLC is known for being one of the best. Whether they do cute, sexy, innocent, or girl crush concepts, they crush it!

In an interview with Edward Avila released on September 2, Sorn chatted about everything from her group’s logo to what makes their “Helicopter” comeback special.

| Edward Avila/YouTube

When asked about her feelings on their strong concept, she had only good things to say. She was thankful that Cube Entertainment did not make them drastically change their image.

I really like the concept. I’m really glad my company is keeping this concept.

— Sorn

She explained that it’s difficult to keep changing their concepts and so it’s important for her to have continuity with them.

I can’t go through another phase of having to change my concept again. I can’t do that anymore.

— Sorn

Upon hearing this, Edward commended CLC’s innocent and melancholic song “Where Are You”. To his surprise, it wasn’t one of her favorites.

I mean, people who liked that song really liked that song. I’m meh.

— Sorn

CLC debuted with a cute and girly image in 2015 with “PEPE”. Several later songs followed this same refreshing atmosphere such as “No Oh Oh” and “Like”.

As they grew older, the girls made their mark in the K-Pop industry with the 180 degree concept change of “HOBGOBLIN”. Powerful hiphop moves and heavy makeup were exemplified in the dark song.

They got their first win in 2019 with “NO”, a girl crush concept that showed off their fierce and confident facial expressions.

On September 2, CLC made their much-awaited comeback with the intense and strong title track “Helicopter”.

Check out Sorn’s full interview with Edward Avila below!