Former CLC’s Sorn Teases A Reunion Song With Yeeun And Seungyeon — Here’s What Fans Suspect It Might Be About

Fans couldn’t be more excited.

CLC was an incredibly talented group whose members always showed off their impressive skills and duality, regardless of their concept.


Fans are still frustrated with CUBE Entertainment‘s poor handling of the group’s disbandment, especially given that many of the former members continually speak up about how the company treated them.

Seungyeon has explicitly specified that while she plans to become an active singer again, she is waiting to find a company whose values align with hers.

CLC celebrating their 6th anniversary in 2021 | @CUBECLC/Twitter

But despite all the hardships CLC endured, the members have always been incredibly close and supportive of each other. In fact, Sorn purposely postponed announcing her departure from CUBE Entertainment, which she had already decided, so as not to detract from Choi Yujin (now a member of Kep1er) participating in Girls Planet 999.

This friendship is giving fans a new reason to be excited as it appears as though Sorn’s fourth single album will feature two of her former groupmates. As a teaser for the single, Sorn posted a word search, asking fans to “find all the clues.

She actively encouraged fans’ participation, proving that there were some big hints in the image.

It wasn’t long before fans spotted three clues that hinted at a reunion between Sorn, Yeeun, and Seungyeon.

Fans were understandably emotional at the thought of the three members releasing music together again.

Some fans also spotted what they suspect is the title of the single, “Nirvana Girl.”

And are already speculating that the song may focus on the idea of “achieving freedom” based on the three idols’ experiences.

Fans also spotted the word “beer” and are joking about what it could mean.

Along with other words like “pair” and “six.”

But regardless of the concept, fans couldn’t be more excited about the reunion.