CLC’s Sorn Apologizes To Cheshires Day After Sharing Racist Photo And Telling Them To Chill

She sincerely apologized for her actions.

CLC‘s Sorn angered fans yesterday after she posted a problematic photo of her with three friends. The photo in question featured one of her friends wearing a mask that appeared to be a racist caricature. When called upon to apologize, she instead told fans to “chill“, telling them she’s “not stupid“.

Source: @chartsbullies/Twitter

Her response understandably left fans feeling hurt and disappointed. It appears after taking some time to self-reflect, Sorn had a change of heart and released a long, thoughtful apology to Chesires (CLC fans) for disappointing them.

Source: @ohmsms/Reddit

We’re sure that fans are relieved that Sorn reflected upon her mistake, and while forgiveness may not come right away, it’s certainly a step in the right direction!