This Close-Up Unedited Selfie of EXO’s D.O. At “EXO’ CLOCK” Shows How He Looks In Real Life

“WTF? Is he not wearing any makeup?!”

EXO‘s D.O. has stunned fans with his outstanding talent and visuals. The star has left fans in awe that it seems he hasn’t aged at all over his 10+ year career.

EXO’s D.O in 2013.
EXO’s D.O in 2021.

Netizens recently got a close-up look and his visuals during EXO’s recent fan meeting!

In late March, it was announced that EXO would hold a fan meeting to celebrate their 11th debut anniversary. The fan meeting, titled 2023 EXO FANMEETING EXO’CLOCK, would be the first time this many group members have come together since their repackaged album was released in 2015.

| @weareoneEXO/Twitter

The group shared content in the days before the fan meeting, getting fans ready to see the group together for the first time in so long.


오늘 연습 그냥 그만하자😇 ➫ 2023.04.08 (SAT) 6PM ➫ 2023.04.09 (SUN) 4PM #EXO #엑소 #weareoneEXO #EXOCLOCK #EXOCLOCK_EXO_FANMEETING #2023_EXO_FANMEETING_EXO_CLOCK #FANMEETING #비욘드라이브

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – EXO – EXO

Once the fan meeting, fans were treated to various things, including the group performing some of their oldest songs and debuting a brand new track!

During the show, the group moved around the venue to let fans get a look at them close-up. In one of these moments, a fan found a clever way to catch D.O.’s attention. Twitter user @E_Xem_O shared they changed their phone background to say, “I’m sorry but can you give me a selfie please?” while members were nearby.

| @E_Xem_O/Twitter

D.O. read the fan’s background and decided to do as they requested! Multiple angles show him waving before taking the phone and snapping a selfie before returning it.

The fan shared the photo online, stunning netizens with his up-close visuals!

In an online forum post, netizens discussed the photo, showing envy at how good D.O looks!

| theqoo
  • F*cking handsome…
  • Wow, I want his skin.
  • Look at his skin…
  • WTF? Is he not wearing any makeup?!
  • Wow… This is such an unedited photo, but he’s so good-looking that it looks unreal. LOL.

You can check out another member’s unedited visuals during the fan meeting below!

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Source: theqoo
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