10 Unedited Moments Of EXO’s Kai From Day 1 Of “2023 EXO’CLOCK” That Show His IRL Visuals

Kai stunned netizens with his insane visuals 🔥

EXO’s SuhoD.O.SehunKaiChanyeolXiuminBaekhyun, and Chen have finally reunited for the group’s 11th anniversary. The eight members greeted fans together for the first time in years at their fan meeting, 2023 EXO FANMEETING EXO’CLOCK.

(From left to right) EXO’s Chanyeol, Kai, D.O., Suho, Chen, Xiumin, Baekhyun, and Sehun | @weareoneEXO/Twitter

The members performed some of their beloved hits and showed off their incredible talent and visuals during the fan meeting.

EXO’s Kai caught EXO-Ls’ attention with his unreal visuals, even in unedited, fan-taken photos. Check out ten unedited photos and videos of the talented idol below!

1. His prince-like visuals were on full display

Kai looked like a Disney prince with his handsome looks, carefully styled hair, and his vintage fashion.

| @dinabrioni/Twitter

2. Candid perfection

Even in candid moments, his photos looked to be professionally edited.

3. Kai showed his various sides to EXO-Ls

Kai showcased his incredible duality in adorable moments shared with fans.

| @makehimmine114/Twitter

4. Even low-quality can’t hide his visuals

EXO-Ls agree, even in if the pictures aren’t HD, his visuals are high-quality.

5. Kai made sure to make special connections with fans

The talented EXO member took time to connect with fans while on stage, making eye contact with lucky EXO-Ls.

| @tallulah_P0488/Twitter

6. “Tall, blonde, and gorgeous”

There are no lies in this tweet.

7. Kai shined as he greeted fans

It was clear that EXO needed the fan meeting just as much as EXO-Ls from how they interacted with their precious fans.

| @KAI_HEART_114/Twitter

8. Lucky EXO-Ls captured priceless candid moments

Kai was up close and personal with lucky fans who captured every detail.

9. Kai’s heartwarming smile

Kai melted fans’ hearts with his angelic smile.

10. Taking it all in

Kai looked incredible as he took in the infectious energy from EXO-Ls.

The fan meeting was an unforgettable night for EXO and EXO-Ls worldwide.

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