CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa States He Hasn’t Fought With The Members Once Over The Past 12 Years

They have a close bond that’s difficult to break.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa made an appearance on MBC’s The Manager, and shared stories about his relationship with the members. During the show, host Jun Hyun Moo asked, “Have you ever fought with the members even once these past 12 years?”

| The Manager/MBC

To this, without even a second of hesitation, replied, “Not even once.” After hearing his answer, the panel members were surprised that they could go without a fight for all these years.

| The Manager/MBC

Jun Hyun Moo asked, “But aren’t there times where you might get a bit annoyed after having a long tiring day of schedules?” Jung then shared one story from their debut days.

When we were really busy, we would sleep two hours in a week and our throats wouldn’t be in good condition and our bodies would bloat. I would go to the gym even after doing activities all night so that I could lose 10 kg.

⁠— Jung Yong Hwa 

He remembers getting annoyed at Jungshin, only to feel uncomfortable and sorry about it soon after.

Member Jungshin was eating rice and spam while I was out. I got annoyed because of the smell, and my heart was uncomfortable about it afterwards. Because I was sorry, I went to his room to joke around only to see him eating rice and spam inside his room, making me feel even more sorry.

⁠— Jung Yong Hwa 

On the other hand, CNBLUE will release their title track, “Love Cut” music video from their ninth mini album, WANTED, on October 20.

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