CNBLUE Reveals How They Restructured Their Group Around Former Member Lee Jonghyun’s Departure

Lee Jonghyun left the group following his “Jung Joon Young chatroom” controversy.

CNBLUE made a comeback as a 3-member band following their hiatus of nearly 4 years, and in a recent live broadcast, the band addressed how they restructured their group following Lee Jonghyun‘s departure due to the “Jung Joon Young chatroom” controversy.

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Lee Jonghyun left CNBLUE in August 2019 after it was revealed that he engaged in inappropriate conversations regarding sex in Jung Joon Young’s chatroom.

And as a result, Jung Yonghwa revealed that Lee Jungshin‘s portion in their songs increased after becoming a 3-member band.

This time, Jungshin sings quite a bit. His parts will get even longer in the future. Please look forward to it.

— Jung Yonghwa

While the members didn’t mention Lee Jonghyun’s name, they expressed their thoughts regarding the changes that followed Lee Jonghyun’s departure.

We thought a lot about the image as well as the musical direction that suits the three of us. So our musical style changed a lot as a result.

— Jung Yonghwa

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Kang Minhyuk even addressed the void that resulted as a result of Lee Jonghyun’s departure but expressed that they were able to fill it no problem.

We made them in a harmoniuous manner so that you won’t know that there was a void. When we listened to the songs, we didn’t hear anything missing. I’m happy because I feel like me made music for the three of us.

— Kang Minhyuk

Lee Jungshin concluded that there will be much to look forward to for CNBLUE in the years to come.

I think it’ll be good to redefine ourselves as well continue to write new songs.

— Lee Jungshin

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CNBLUE has returned with their new album, “RE: CODE.”

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