(★BREAKING) Former FNC Employee Exposes Why Jung Yonghwa Cheated His Way Into Kyunghee University

A former FNC Entertainment employee spilled the details.

CNBLUE’s Jung Yonghwa has been under heavy controversy due to his graduation school’s admission process, where he was accused of being admitted without going through a due process.

His agency has since apologized for the trouble caused by the applications process and stating that they complied with the investigation from authorities. Yonghwa also took to his personal Instagram to post an apology to his fans.

However, there may be more to this story as a former FNC Entertainment employee has stepped forward with more details. The ex-employee claims that Jung Yonghwa’s sole purpose of attending graduate school was to postpone his military enlistment.

“Jung Yonghwa entered the doctoral program to postpone his military enlistment. That was the sole purpose and reason. He’s postponed his military enlistment numerous times. He was originally scheduled to go to the army on August 2, 2016 but postponed it until September 30. Then he postponed that date indefinitely with the graduate school’s admittance.”

— Anonymous, Former Employee at FNC Entertainment

The former employee even went on to say that this was a common occurrence and many other stars opted with for this method.

“Other celebrities also use this method to postpone their military service. There’s an employee that actually checks in to the class as substitutes of the actual celebrity. That way, their attendance is always perfect for the online classes.”

However, FNC Entertainment upon learning of these new accusations quickly released a statement saying that they had never heard of this before.

“That’s news to us. It is true that there is an employee that manages the education schedules of our artists. But that employee’s role is to hand out tablet computers to the artists that are attending online university courses and classes.”

— FNC Entertainment


Source: Maeil Kyungjae

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