Korean Ministry of Education Tries To Cancel Yonghwa’s University Admission and Jo Kwon’s Graduation

The Ministry of Education demands responsibility.

After the shocking news that CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa was getting kicked out of Kyunghee University, the Korean Ministry of Education began the thorough investigation of the school. This investigation leads to the possible cancellation of admission for Yonghwa and the cancellation of 2AM Jo Kwon‘s graduation.

The Ministry detected violations of the Higher Education Act as well as to the schools own regulations and policies. It is asking that the school cancel the admissions for three students and to cancel one student’s graduation.

Of those who are expected to have a canceled admission is CNBLUE’s Yonghwa, singer-songwriter Cho Kyu Man, and a businessman identified only as Kim.

These three students were found to have passed the entrance exam without following the typical school procedure. It was found that the university gave them preferential treatment and they did not have to go through the interview process to be admitted. The Ministry also believes that they were given false scores to help pass them through the process.

Meanwhile, 2AM’s Jo Kwon is facing his own possible cancellation. It was found that he was set to graduate from the University without doing the required final projects. Normally graduates must submit a thesis and give a performance, but Jo Kwon did not. He only submitted a video of his performance after allegations were made about his preferential treatment (way after the project was due).

The Ministry of Education is also calling for the University to punish seven of its professors who were found to have shown preferential treatment.


Source: News Nate and Osen

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