CNN Indonesia Catches Viewers off Guard by Using a Photo of Hyun Bin for a Kim Jong Un Report

The news report had nothing to do with Hyun Bin.

CNN Indonesia recently caught viewers off guard with a photo of Hyun Bin in a report about North Korea’s  Kim Jong Un‘s health concerns.

According to reports, CNN Indonesia reported on speculation that Kim Jong Un is in critical condition following surgery for his cardiovascular disease, but what caught the attention of many was the photo used in the background.

Behind the news anchor was a photo of Kim Jong Un next to Hyun Bin dressed in a North Korean uniform for his recently popular drama, Crash Landing on You.

Just as it took the rest of the world by storm, Crash Landing on You and Hyun Bin’s character, Ri Jung Hyuk gained the love of many Indonesian viewers.

But when a photo of Ri Jung Hyuk showed up on CNN Indonesia news in a report about Kim Jong Un, viewers were taken aback.


Following the report, viewers spread a screenshot of the photo and questioned, “What’s Captain Ri doing there?

Why use Captain Ri’s photo?

– Netizen

Although viewers were rather amused by this, CNN Indonesia soon caught on to their “fatal mistake” and gave a formal apology live on air.

The report was about Kim Jong Un, and had no relation to the Korean drama character, Ri Jung Hyuk whatsoever. This was not intentional, and we’d like to apologize for our mistake.

– CNN Indonesia

The Hyun Bin photo certainly didn’t belong in the report, but nobody’s really mad about it!

Thanks for the eye candy, CNN Indonesia.

Source: Dispatch