BLACKPINK’s Jennie Drops Insane New Rap For Solo Song “You & Me” And The Lyrics Are Everything

One of the highlights of Coachella!

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie debuted an insane new rap for her song “You & Me” at the recent Coachella 2023 festival, which the YG Entertainment girl group headlined for the first time.


To everyone’s surprise, Jennie introduced a new rap for her song “You & Me.” The lyrics were just as jaw-dropping as the performance itself!

According to fans, the lyrics to the remix go,

Under the moonlight, All in the moonlight
You should put a ring on it
I do, I do, right
Still get the blue light,
We gettin’ nasty
I found a new ride,
Here in the back seat
Love so good I bet he be cashing out
We got a feelin’ that brought you
Like it and pass it now
Could get in the A list girls, so we grab Chanel
B B with the back I can back it out

— Jennie

People couldn’t get over the lines “You should put a ring on it” and “We gettin’ nasty.”

But that’s not all! The popular K-Pop idol also added an energetic new dance break that had everyone jumping to their feet and moving along to the beat.

Fans who saw the performance were in love. They said it was “so good” and made them speechless. Finally, they also praised how fiery hot Jennie was.

Speaking of hot, check out the moment at Coachella 2023 when fellow member Jisoo shocked everyone here:

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