Coca-Cola Releases Special Behind Cuts Of Park Bo Gum And BTS

Brand new photos featuring Park Bo Gum and BTS!

Park Bo Gum and BTS‘s latest commercial for Coca-Cola has been a major successful campaign as it featured two of the hottest celebrities.


As a thank you to everyone who’s sent their love for the adorable commercial, Coca-Cola released some never-before-seen cuts from their filming!


The photos showed Park Bo Gum and BTS enjoying themselves in the pool as they drink classic bottles of Coca-Cola.


And the synergy between the actor and the group have never been stronger! Just a bunch of good looking dudes in a swimming pool!


Coca-Cola also released a statement explaining why the chemistry between Park Bo Gum and BTS was perfect for their summer campaign!

“We wanted our consumers to enjoy an energetic summer vacation by beating out the heat with a cold Coca-Cola, much like how Park Bo Gum and BTS do.

We wanted our consumers to experience an unforgettable summer full of special vibes. That’s why we decided to feature a marketing plan featuring Park Bo Gum and BTS.”

— Coca-Cola Korea 

Source: News1