CoCoSoRi’s Entertainment Company Puts Coco On Blast, Announces Disbandment

Coco has been openly criticizing her company… now they’ve fired back.

M.O.L. Entertainment, the agency behind the duo CocoSori has released a statement in English on Facebook, updating fans on the current status of the group and responding to Coco’s allegations.

The statement overall does not cast Coco in the best light. It opens by saying that Coco has posted defamatory statements about M.O.L.E. and Sori on her personal social media accounts which has prompted the company to demand a public apology from Coco. Coco’s lawyer has stated there will be no apology.

The company claims that they first tried to resolve this peacefully with Coco but since she refuses to make a public apology, the situation will have to be escalated into a trial. They also refute that they are “broke” as Coco claims, they acknowledge that they are a small company, however.

In response to Coco’s claims that she paid for lessons out of pocket, M.O.L.E says that they previously paid for singing lessons for Coco but refused to pay for lessons she requested for personal reasons that did not relate to her professional career. In addition, the company also provided Coco with a fixed monthly salary until she had sufficient income from her personal activities to support herself.

They also revealed some facts surrounding the release of Coco’s solo debut “Wishy Washy”. Apparently, the release of the song was not a financially sound move but since Coco requested it, the company raised the necessary capital to make it happen despite it being a poor business choice.

M.O.L.E. say that Coco has caused the company to fall out with two major Korean broadcasting companies. They say Coco chose to pursue her YouTube channel at times when she and the company had made commitments to appear on certain television shows instead. They decided not to pursue contract violation claims and instead continued to support Coco.

Even though the M.O.L.E was in a financially difficult situation at the time, they honoured Coco’s request for a CoCoSoRi comeback and used the Kickstarter platform to pay for some of the costs. They stress that the successful Kickstarter project did not pay for all of the expenses incurred by the comeback and they put up a significant amount of money to make it happen. The resulting single was “Mi Amor”.

Following the release of “Mi Amor”, Coco told the company that she no longer wanted to be a singer which the company accepted. Despite this, Coco returned a few months later with an idea for a song that she wanted to release as a solo artist. This release was also accompanied by a Kickstarter campaign but the company says once more that they paid for a significant portion of the associated expenses out of pocket. They also say that the project cost more than Coco had said it would cost and it was due to Coco’s insistence that everything be the way she wanted it that the project so expensive.

M.O.L.E provided an extensive response to Coco’s allegations that they showed a bias towards Sori. They say that the company did not tell Coco about Sori’s solo debut because they didn’t tell Sori about Coco’s solo debut when it happened. They also say they have no obligation to disclose the affairs of artists to other company artists.

In responding to claims by Coco that the Kickstarter rewards for “Sugar Cake” were not being fulfilled because of the company’s poor management, they claim that the blame lies with Coco and not with the company themselves.

M.O.L.E included a surprisingly candid section about the company culture in K-Pop and how agencies are often seen as the “bad guys”. They stress that Coco is the one at fault here and she is trying to sway the public opinion to have a negative view of M.O.L.E.

They finish by confirming the disbandment of CoCoSoRi and announcing their intention to get justice in this case.

A very interesting and open public statement from M.O.L.E, it will be interesting to see if Coco decides to respond or will the matter be settled purely in court.

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