CoKo Entertainment’s shareholders meet for a possible financial plan

On February 5th, according to the temporary CEO and current board of directors, Yoo Jae Hyeong, the shareholders of CoKo Entertainment have discussed to find an affordable plan regarding their recent closure crisis in the company.

Although the shareholders’ meeting was scheduled for February 6th, CoKo Entertainment moved the meeting to take place a day earlier to avoid the public’s high attention.

An affiliated annonymous said, “CEO Lee was also present at CoKo Entertainment’s shareholder meeting. They disccused their recent misunderstandings and opinions regarding closing the agency. If we were to find a more affordable plan, we will gather all the shareholders to hold a briefing meeting.” 

Since the embezzlement scandal against their former CEO Kim Woo Jung broke out last month, with fellow director Kim Jun Ho leading the company. However, after such turmoil, the company decided to officially close with most of their artists being moved under management agency, JD Bros. 

Meanwhile, on the February 4th episode of SBS Midnight TV Entertainment, Kim Jun Ho revealed shocking news that CoKo Entertainment‘s chairman Kim Woo Jong’s wife have been sending him threatening messages in light of the recent turmoil.

Source: TV Report