Kim Jun Ho leads Coko Entertainment despite Kim Woo Jung’s embezzlement scandal

Comedians and entertainers from Coko Entertainment have showed their loyalty as they decide to stay on the agency under the supervision of Kim Jun Ho

On January 2nd, a personnel from Coko Entertainment stated that, “All comedians have had their contracts cancelled in early December. All managers and employees have left the company as well.”

He continued to say, “Most of the comedians have however not signed on with another company yet. No one came out and said, ‘let’s wait’ but like a lot of them said at the award show they are waiting for this problem to be solved rather than look for other companies.”

A comedian from Coko Entertainment also aired his side saying, “The biggest reason we signed with Coko Entertainment was Kim Jun Ho sunbae. Most are saying that we should stick together and try to wait it out. There are slight difficulties in going around and fulfilling our schedules but there have been no problems” 

Currently, the company has not been able to pay off its staff and artists following the disappearance of their previous head Kim Woo Jung who embezzled money from the company. However, despite the divided action from the employees, a number of their artists have appeared in KBS Entertainment Awards such as Kim Jun Hyun, Jim Ji Min and Jo Yun Ho all expressed their gratitude to Kim Jun Ho and state that their loyalties still lay with him.

Lee Guk Ju who also won the “New Star Award” at SBS said, “I will not betray you” while comedian Hong Yun Hwa publicy revealed that, “The only person who was at my side when I went through hard times was Kim Jun Ho sunbae. Now it’s my turn to support him.” 

Currently, all of the staff are currently on indefinite leave as Kim Jun Ho leads the company following Kim Woo Jung’s embezzlement.

Source: Star News