Coldplay Release New Online Game For Their BTS Collaboration “My Universe,” Filled With Easter Eggs Only ARMYs Will Understand

Can you spot the hidden images referencing BTS?

If you’re still obsessed with British rock band Coldplay and BTS‘s collaboration single “My Universe,” you’re not alone (so are we).

BTS and Coldplay | Coldplay/YouTube

Now, Coldplay has released a new way for us to stream our favorite song…

Today, they announced a retro 8-bit game inspired by the song and the same fictional universe as seen in the iconic music video. And, it’s already available to play!

The way it works is you can connect your preferred song streaming service, such as Spotify or Apple Music, so you can stream while playing the game.

After connecting accounts and obviously granting permission to accept cookies, you enter your name so that it can display on the leader board.

Finally, you have the choice to pick a member of the fictional Supernova 7 band. Sorry, you can’t play as any BTS or Coldplay member!

From there, it enters story mode, which you have the option to skip. It explains that your mission is to get spaceship parts in order to fix the Alien Radio that connects the three bands in the end.

The game seems simple enough, but in reality, it’s a bit tricky! You lose the game and have to start over if you hit any of those weird floating objects.

If you make it far enough, ARMYs will be able to spot some cute Easter eggs/cameos.

Only a minute into playing, you’ll recognize Suga‘s dog Holly!

| Warner Music

Still, if you play long enough, you may find even more familiar things…

Shoutout to our favorite artist Vante (V‘s pseudonym)!

| Warner Music via @bleu_bleu7/Twitter

Remember Jin‘s sugar gliders?

| Warner Music via @bleu_bleu7/Twitter

It’s a multilevel game, so this is just the beginning, and you can expect to find many more references to BTS. So, it’s definitely worth checking it out! It’s a great stress-reliever after a long hectic week.

| Warner Music
Source: @coldplay and Supernova 7 Game