Meet The Hot Aliens Of The Supernova7 Band In BTS And Coldplay’s “My Universe” Music Video

They’re just as stunning in real life!

BTS and British rock band Coldplay amazed everyone with their cinematic music video for the collaboration single “My Universe.” They truly created a whole new universe with the help of director Dave Meyers that seemed straight out of a blockbuster sci-fi film.

BTS and Coldplay’s “My Universe” MV| Coldplay/YouTube

In addition to BTS and Coldplay, various alien species inhabit the galaxy, particularly Supernova7, the alien band. Of course, the ones that caught ARMYs’ eyes were the ones with the most interaction with BTS as they communicated as holograms.

| Coldplay/YouTube

The first is an alien by the name of Eko. She briefly but memorably interacted with Jungkook.

Jungkook with Eko. | Coldplay/YouTube

She is played by model Lizeth San Martin. Like her character, she’s extremely cool.

Lizeth San Martin | Agencia River

She is represented by Agencia River, a modeling agency based in Barcelona, Spain. Just from her photos, you can see why she was cast for the character of Eko.

| Agencia River

Eko is described as a “humanoid alien with an alternative/aloof/grunge vibe to her.” She is characterized by having lots of body modifications, such as piercings as well as some facial markings.

She’s kind of goth and emo and jams on her electronic piano-like-instrument fashioned from a disused six-foot-long ionic blaster.

— François Audouy

Eko | François Audouy

Does she remind you of anyone? It’s no wonder that the director matched her with Jungkook for a scene.

Jungkook with Coldplay and Eko. | Coldplay/YouTube

The other alien who captivated viewers was Angel Moon. She not only had screentime with Coldplay’s lead singer Chris Martin but also J-Hope.

J-Hope with Angel Moon. | Coldplay/YouTube

She is portrayed by model and actress María José, who is equally as stunning as her character.

In addition to acting and modeling, she is also a costume designer herself! Is there anything she cannot do?


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She has shared her experience working on set for the “My Universe” music video on her Instagram account. She felt proud working with a great team for this masterpiece and described it as a “big experience.”

The alien she portrays is a gorgeous alien that perfectly fits her name of Angel Moon as she is quite an angelic being. She is also described as being “translucent and luminescent.” 

She literally glows with purity and kindness. She floats, never touching the ground. She is known for her delicate, architectural fashion, and plays a dainty unique wind instrument that almost looks like a piece of modern art.

— François Audouy

Concept art for Angel Moon. | François Audouy

How perfect is it that they paired J-Hope, the sun personified, with a character named Angel Moon? It’s like star-crossed lovers!

J-Hope (left) and Angel Moon (right). | Coldplay/YouTube

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Source: Audouy and Coldplay

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