Coldplay Gives BTS A Touching Shout-Out With A “Special Guest” On Stage During “Capital’s Jingle Bell Ball 2022”

Coldplay taught the 16,000-person audience how to show love for BTS 💜

Nearly three years ago, BTS and British rock band Coldplay began discussing the possibility of working together. What started as a collaboration became a heartwarming friendship between the two world-famous groups.

Coldplay and BTS | @BTS_twt/Twitter

BTS and Coldplay released their collaboration song “My Universe” in 2021 after overcoming obstacles related to COVID-19 and Coldplay Chris Martin‘s initial doubts and judgments about working with the superstar K-Pop group.

A few years ago, I felt like we had to play a certain kind of music all the time, we had to fit into a box. And, I felt that way about my life also. And I met some good people and read some good books and met some great teachers and they seemed to be happy, and the thing that made them was not having fear of what you don’t know and people you don’t understand yet. You just ask.

— Chris Martin

The two groups have since formed a mutual respect and admiration for each other that they continue to prove, showing their heartwarming friendship whenever they can.

BTS’s Jin (left) and Coldplay’s Chris Martin (right) rehearsing “The Astronaut” for Coldplay’s concert in Argentina

Recently, Coldplay worked with BTS’s Jin to craft a song for fans, a touching farewell to ARMYs before his upcoming military enlistment.

Fans appreciated the respect and care Coldplay put into the collaboration, helping Jin express his love and devotion to his precious fans. 

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Since the release of “The Astronaut,” Coldplay has been showing love to Jin by taking his special character Wootteo to some of their concerts, with Chris Martin even shouting out Jin while holding Wootteo at their concert in Argentina.


#jinxcoldplay #wootteo #theastronautbyjin

♬ The Astronaut – Jin

Just hours ago, Coldplay again brought Wootteo out on stage as a “special guest” at the UK’s “biggest Christmas party,” the Captial’s Jingle Bell Ball 2022 at the O2 Arena in London.

This year’s star-studded line-up included Coldplay, Lewis CapaldiDua LipaStormzy, and more.

With Wootteo by his side, Chris Martin gave a touching shout-out to the seven members of BTS while showing the audience of 16,000 people how to do a finger heart, stating that the pose meant they “loved BTS.”

He then named each member individually, calling the group Coldplay’s “brothers from another mother.

He later grabbed Wootteo and gave the plushie a kiss, placing it closer to the audience.

The touching gesture is one of the many ways Coldplay has shown BTS love, even from the other side of the globe.

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