Colleague Of aespa Karina’s Father Posts About The New Girl Group On Social Media

“Yoo Chul’s daughter is finally debuting in a girl group.”

The Marine Corps of Korea shared a social media post promoting SM Entertainment‘s new girl group, aespa.

On the official Twitter account, a user who serves in the Marine Corps expressed their excitement for aespa’s debut.

This is good news.

— Twitter User

But the member that the post features, in particular, is Karina, and it’s been revealed that she is the daughter of the Twitter user’s colleague in the Marine Corps.

My colleague, Yoo Chul’s daughter is finally debuting in a girl group.

— Twitter User

He even gave Karina credit for all of her hard work that led up to the huge accomplishment.

I’m so proud of her for enduring all of the hardship that comes with being a trainee and overcoming it.

— Twitter User

From the looks of the Karina-related article that was attached to the post, fans are speculating that the Twitter user is a colleague of Karina’s father.

aespa debuted last week with “Black Mamba”.

Ahead of their debut, Karina raised fans’ anticipation with her honest thoughts.

It still hasn’t hit me yet. There’s a lot of pressure, but I’m more excited to show off good songs and good performances on stage.

— Karina

Source: Dispatch