Fans Enraged By Colorist Comments On Pann Towards Rookie HYBE Idol

“May they all rot in hell.”

A post on the popular Korean community site Pann Nate has stirred up a storm of controversy as it has drawn attention to the persistent issue of colorism in the K-Pop industry. TWS‘s Dohoon is sadly at the center of this debate, as the rookie HYBE idol is the most recent target of colorist comments.

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The post, which now has more than 70,000 views and is trending at #4 on the site, included two pictures of TWS focused on Dohoon. The original poster mentions the idol’s skin tone, even saying, “I think skin tone does play a huge factor. Once I realized how dark-toned he was, I stopped thinking he was all that good-looking.

The pictures included in OP’s Pann post. | Pann Nate
The pictures included in OP’s Pann post. | Pann Nate

What’s even more disheartening to global K-Pop fans is the fact that other Korean netizens chimed in with derogatory comments, reinforcing the negative stereotype.

Comments such as “Looks like he’d be good at selling mangos in the Philippines,” and “So… This is what some of y’all were trying to pitch against [RIIZE’s] Wonbin?” have left many fans appalled and disheartened. The sentiment expressed in comments like “Is he not Korean…?” only added to the growing outrage.

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International netizens have not remained silent in the face of this colorism. Social media platforms have exploded with a wave of support for Dohoon and condemnation of the offensive comments. On Twitter (now known as X), fans have united to make their voices heard.

Many have expressed their disappointment, with some calling the comments outright “disgusting.” Others have chosen to condemn those responsible for leaving such comments under pictures of a young idol like Dohoon, saying they should “all rot in hell.”

The incident involving Dohoon sheds light on an ongoing issue within the K-Pop industry and Korean society. Colorism, the prejudice or discrimination based on skin color, remains a deeply ingrained problem.  While international fans continue to demand change, it is essential for both the industry and society at large to address this issue head-on and work towards a more inclusive and accepting future.

Dohoon’s talent and potential should be celebrated, not overshadowed by colorist comments on his skin tone. As fans rally around him and raise their voices against these offensive comments, the hope is that such incidents will serve as a catalyst for positive change within the K-Pop community and beyond.

Source: Pann Nate