Columbia Records Posts A Cryptic Message That May Allude To The Racism BTS Faced From A German Radio Host

Racism should never be tolerated.

A German radio host Matthias Matuschik from a local radio station, BAYERN3, has come under fire for his racist comments on air towards BTS. According to ARMYs, he compared BTS to the coronavirus and invoked North Korea.

He further criticized BTS’s cover of Coldplay‘s “Fix You”, commenting “For this, you will be spending the next 20 years on vacation in North Korea.

Needless to say, the ARMY community was absolutely furious. Not only were fans riled up, the public also stood by their side and pointed out just how racist Matthias’ comments were. Fans began to spam tweets calling out Matthias, mass tweeting “RACISM IS NOT AN OPINION Wir sind gegen Rassismus!! 우리는 인종 차별을 반대합니다!! #RassismusBeiBayern3 #Bayern3Racist” and tagged the radio station. Columbia Records then posted a timely message. 

This comes at a particularly great time as the Asian Community has been facing an increased amount of racism and hate acts in the recent months and over the past year where covid was at its peak. Fans are grateful that the records company, who has distributed BTS’s music in the US prior, is stepping up.