“I Don’t Want To Make A Comeback”—BIGBANG T.O.P’s Past Live Broadcast Gets Revisited Following His Departure News

It was from February 2020.

BIGBANG recently announced that they will be making their highly anticipated comeback, exciting fans all over the globe. However, the good news came along with a side of bad news as YG Entertainment reported that member T.O.P would be leaving the agency.

BIGBANG, T.O.P (left) | Mnet

During the label’s official statement, they revealed that T.O.P expressed his desire “to expand his personal activities aside from his promotions with BIGBANG” as the reason why he left the agency. And while the sudden news took everyone by surprise, an old Instagram live made by the BIGBANG member may have foreshadowed this outcome.


Back in February 2020, T.O.P held a live broadcast for all of his Instagram followers, giving an update on his then-current life. Donning a much longer hairstyle, he revealed that he has always “wanted to show this side” of himself to his fans. He further elaborated that he believed people “didn’t know how [he] was living” so he wanted to share it with everyone.

T.O.P during his Instagram live in February 2020 | @choi_seung_hyun_tttop/Instagram

However, it was what the boy group member said following his introduction that is making headlines once again. T.O.P revealed his thoughts on an impending comeback within South Korea, to which he admitted he “won’t do a comeback in Korea,” let alone a comeback at all.

I won’t do a comeback in Korea. I don’t want to make a comeback at all. If I do, more articles will be made but they won’t let me say anything. My friends all kick me (to not say anything.)

— BIGBANG’s T.O.P February 2020

He further revealed during his 2020 Instagram live his plans for his career, which included self-made music, while including how he felt about all the online netizens.

I’ve been making my own music. People are awful. Let’s love. Peace.

— BIGBANG’s T.O.P February 2020


Previously, T.O.P was met with severe backlash after he admitted to smoking marijuana in October 2016. Ever since, the public turned their backs on the BIGBANG member, targeting him with endless malicious comments since his controversy broke.

While it’s not confirmed, it seems likely that the idol was alluding to this very fact when he mentioned “people are awful” during his 2020 Instagram live.

Source: WikiTree